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Women's Rights

Equality in rights and dignity

The concept of the housewife has long governed human society with patriarchal tendencies. There are sites that work for the emancipation of women in all its forms, such as Here you will find various tips and essential information on the subject.

Labor Law

Working women contribute to the economy of a nation in the same way as men do.

Right to vote

There are many arguments to support the legitimacy of this right for women.

Equality in rights and dignity

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Fashion and lifestyle

Follow the trends to keep up with the times. You can also reveal your talents as a fashion designer.

Fashion and lifestyle
Health and well-being

Health and well-being

Healthcare jobs can also be done by women. Some even seem to lend themselves naturally to this, such as pediatricians.

Sport and fitness

Women’s beauty is maintained on a daily basis. In addition to staying beautiful, sports activities increase your ability to perform.

Sport and fitness
Happy while waiting for your baby

Women as Mothers

Happy while waiting for your baby

Having a baby is a period filled with uncertainty and anxiety, but also with great happiness.

First baby

A first child always involves a lot of questions. But the joy of motherhood naturally brings the answers.

Pregnant women

The beauty of a woman is also revealed during this famous specific period when she is expecting a child.

Natural breastfeeding

Nature provides everything a human being needs, starting with breast milk.

Work-Life Balance

Work-Life Balance

Emotional Intelligence

Work experience


Women in the Office

Female leaders, businesswomen, and entrepreneurs

The working woman can also, like her male counterpart, find herself at the head of a company. The establishment of businesses is also available to women, and some of them have even met with dazzling success across the board, more on this magazine

Female entrepreneurs

Female entrepreneurs

Female leaders

Inspirational Icons

Inspirational Icons


Women who have taken power!

Christine Lagarde, the first female director of the IMF

She entered her position as IMF Director on July 5, 2011, with a second term in 2016.

Born in 1956, she studied in the United States and France, and got her first job in a law firm. She then moved to a government position, before becoming the IMF’s number one.

Angela Merkel: the most powerful woman

A head of state, yet more effective than others.

Angela Merkel

Elizabeth II, the monarch with the longest reign

The queen who left her mark on the United Kingdom.

Elizabeth II


Women of influence

Fashionistas, bloggers & influencers

The self-employed status is successful for women, and those who gain notoriety seem to work mostly in online business. This option makes it easy to share a point of view, an idea, a trend, or a product. Any business idea can be boosted, and the industry pays off. Companies pay influencers, who, in return, bring them customers and notoriety, more on

Practical tips for women's daily lives